Investment and Trade Promotion

We believe that  private investments leads to innovation, economic growth, and country development. The use and adoption of appropriate new technologies enhance trade and economic growth, if the right policies are in place to accommodate and utilize these technologies.  Global Analytics Services brings years of experience in analyzing the business climate to identify constraints to private investment and growth of both, domestic and foreign, trade.  We help countries find the right balance to promote pro-poor growth, coupled with sectoral and legal reforms aimed at improving country investment climate and expand domestic capital.  Our experts have a proven track record of helping countries develop sectoral and national economic growth strategies to stimulate and sustain growth, benefiting both local and foreign investors. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis of constraints to private investment and economic growth
  • Policy development for attracting, retaining and growing foreign and domestic capital
  • Review of customs regulations and recommending appropriate reforms
  • Trade facilitation and promotion
  • Review of tariffs and non-tariff barriers to promote open trade